Experience, knowledge & respect

Having worked from a young age in many productive sectors, I have learned to show the same enormous respect to businesses of any size, from very small to very large.

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Accounting (Code for Books and Records, Transaction’s Tax Reporting Code, Greek Accounting Standards, IAS), tax issues, VAT, costing, budgeting, use of business management applications (ERP) and computerization.

We offer services (tax, staff employment, etc.) to any type and size of business (companies, sole proprietorships) and individuals

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An outstanding professional. He is a reliable, well informed expert on his field. Our collaboration began 11 years ago, when we relocated our business from Thessaloniki to Naousa. The partner every business should have.


Toufas Konstantinos

-Special Treatments Center, Msc, Speech Therapist S.I.

All through our long-lasting cooperation with the accounting office of Stavros Ant. Giouros, he has been a reliable partner for the development of our company. Thanks to his experience and expertise, he provides us with prompt, valid and up-to-date information and guidance on tax issues, even in the most challenging and demanding cases.


Gavriil Tsarnouchas

Hotel Business-Technical Company

I have been cooperating with Stavros Giouros’ accounting office for 25 years. He is highly knowledgeable about his field with extensive experience and expertise. He is always timely informed about the new provisions issued by hundreds by the ministries, so that no benefit or schedule is lost due to missed deadlines.

I recommend working with them, since the entire team of young, polite and well-trained associates that constitutes Stavros’ accounting office provide tax support on with a people-oriented approach.

logo αλεξανδρίδης

Kostas Alexandridis

Chairman and CEO

In the summer of 2000, when I started to seriously engage in the business arena, I needed an accounting office on my side to support me. Of course the needs in those early years were small compared to now, but it was a crucial time considering my experience in the field where I needed the support of an expert. My activity entailed the production and merchandising of plant nursery equipment in Greece and in Europe.

Over the years the needs were ever increasing, from the first recruitments in 2006 to the addition of activities such as the wholesale of imported fertilizers in 2008 and fruit trading in 2011. I needed trustworthy partners, knowledgeable about the business and culture of the company, to support me every step of the way.

In 2010 we established our second company in Novi Sad, Serbia. It was then that our financial and other tax needs increased, including documentation files for TEPIX (Entrepreneurship Fund) funding, NSRF and other loan needs, balancing books, settlements with the tax office, preparation of a BUSINESS PLAN, conducting Sustainability Study. To these increased demands we received the valuable support we needed as a business.

All these 21 consecutive years of cooperation, Stavros Giouros, you have been our constant, trustworthy advisor and you should know that my son will continue collaborating  you as well.


Georgios I. Poultsidis

Chairman of Emphyton Group

Having collaborated for the last 4 years with the accounting office of Mr. Giouros, I would like to emphasize that not only is he an experienced professional, but also that both he and his associates are very welcoming and responsive to queries and offer their help on a client-based level.

Choutou Maria

APENNA ENERGYLimited Partnership