A status of constant changes in the tax and insurance system, multi-jurisdiction and a host of new information leads, in most cases, to an inability for individuals and businesses to fully understand these changes.

This inability in turn leads to uncertainty, insecurity, difficulty in planning and making the right decisions.

Thanks to my many years of experience and love for my business area, I become, through my office, a guide for any individual or business, who will lead them towards the right path of security and growth.

As a first step, I listen to your individual needs, inform you about the current financial framework and advise you of the best possible solutions to each of your problems in a way that is fully comprehensible and explanatory.

Then, as a second step, we determine and select together, in a simple way, the best actions to be taken, broken down into clear steps.

I always give you answers to daily problems or questions that may concern you, and act on your behalf, providing the best possible solutions.

My aim is you being free from any form of concern or preoccupation with tax issues, so that you can concentrate only on your line of work or other occupations, knowing that you are always in good hands.


For Businesses

For Businesses
We offer services (tax, staff employment, etc.) to any type and size of business (companies, sole proprietorships) regardless of turnover and book category.

Our services apply to all kinds of businesses whatsoever. Besides the basic services offered, there is also additional specialization in the technical and construction sectors, the sector of renewable energy sources (photovoltaic, hydroelectric projects), production units, agricultural enterprises, tourism and hotel units.

For Individuals and Families

We provide our clients in a safe and confidential manner with all kinds of tax and insurance services, such as the timely processing of tax and insurance obligations, payment of debts, claim of social benefits, allowances and subsidies to which they are entitled.

We offer our services to families, the unemployed, employees, pensioners, farmers, residents of Greece and abroad.


Additional services we provide include Integration and Implementation in investment programs of NSRF, Development Law, Leader.


Για 2 λόγους. Λόγω της επαγγελματικής μου κατάρτισης και πολύχρονης εμπειρίας, είναι ο πρώτος λόγος, που πιστοποιείται και από την μακρά μου πορεία στον χώρο.

But apart from dedicated professionals, we are also people. Thus, the second reason, which is just as important, is that in my office, we look you in the eye, we listen to you, we listen to your needs and problems, we bend over them and we don’t get up until we have figured them out and resolved them successfully.

Moreover, we are devotedly and confidentially always at your side.

We like new things, we like difficult things. That’s why we make sure we are always up to date and use the modern technology for your benefit.

Lastly, our fees are set based on the individual employment circumstances and there is no flat fee for everyone.

We would love to meet you!