Issuance, Deactivation of TIN, login codes (taxisnet key code).

Filling in and submission of your tax return after a preparation meeting (and via Skype), check of supporting documents and calculation of tax, Printing of tax statement,

Filling of E 9 Property Declaration, based on contracts (contracts of sale and purchase, donation agreements, inheritance claims).  Income tax return, Unified Property Ownership Tax (ENFIA). Issue of certificates for the drawing up of contracts. Tenancy agreements. Drawing up and electronic submission of tenancy agreements, modifications, change of tenant or of lease payment.

On-line Applications for heating oil allowance are included. Child Benefit (A 21), Social Solidarity Allowance, Social Dividend, Housing Benefit (Housing Allowance), Student Housing Allowance.

Change of Tax Residence (Greece, abroad), completion of tax obligations (income, property) in Greece. Instructions for paying taxes by e-banking from abroad. Copies transmission via e-mail. Communication via Skype.

Individual, family tax planning (tax calculation for real estate purchases, car purchases, presumed expenses coverages by calculating disposable income of previous years, donations, loans).

Individual Pension Planning, which analyses the age thresholds, the requirements and calculates the amount of the pension.
Written answers to any pension question. On-line application for old age pensions, invalidity pensions, pension transfer.